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  • Kiesel OSIRIS ナット溝切り調整&セットアップ マルチスケール ヘッドレスモデル
  • 2024/07/12
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  • キーセル製オリシスのナット溝切り調整・セットアップです。









    This is a nut grooving adjustment and setup for a Keisel Olysis.

    The customer purchased this item directly from the manufacturer, and it was just purchased new.

    The condition of the guitar is unbelievable, the nut height is too high, probably because the nut was just put on and not grooved at all.
    The nut height is very high, like a cheap guitar.

    The quality of the guitar has been declining since it was sold in the past, as we have seen some new guitars being shipped with wiring errors and broken wires.
    Please upgrade this area to new information.
    In the past, the quality was really good and I introduced it on Youtube with rave reviews, but I can’t recommend it now.
    I am also providing such information here, so please check the latest information and study it.

    Also, I am wondering if the PU is compatible with multi-scale guitars? I am not sure if it is compatible with PUs or not.
    Is it a bar type pole piece inside the Fishman? If so, is there any problem? I thought so, but obviously the volume of the strings at the ends, especially the front first string and the rear first and seventh strings, is a little lower than the others.

    This is because the PU is also at an angle due to the multi-scale, but the PU itself is normal (the PU itself is not at an angle to match the multi-scale).
    This makes the position of the pole piece shifted, so the strings on the end side are far from the range where the pole piece can pick up the sound, which is likely to make the sound quieter.

    Is this because it was ordered this way? I am not sure if this is because it was ordered this way or not, but from a craftsman’s point of view, it is undesirable to use this PU (it is necessary to put a PU that is processed diagonally to fit multi-scale), but I am not sure if this is a bad order or the manufacturer’s fault.

    By grooving and adjusting the nut, it is much easier to play.
    I can’t say anything about the PU because I don’t know about the PU, but if a place ships without questioning this as a condition, you might want to think about purchasing it in the future.

    Thank you very much.

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