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  • TUNE Zi-3 セットアップ
  • 2024/06/19
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  • チューン製Zi-3のセットアップです。









    This is a Zi-3 setup made by Tune.

    It is very bent forward and there is almost no room for the truss rod.

    Even with the truss rod at the limit, it is still very warped, and although it is playable, the string height is not only high, but also the sound is just about stuck.

    If the forward warp exceeds the limit, it will be difficult to play and the sound will start to get stuck around the 12th fret.

    If the forward warp is too much, it is difficult to play and the sound will become clogged from the 12th fret.
    If there was an extra truss rod, this condition could have been corrected, but without it, it is not adjustable.

    This is an example of a fretted model that was originally fretless.
    The owner probably knew that the condition was deteriorating and gave it away.

    It is not unusual to find these types of instruments on the Internet, but even if the description says good things about the instrument, the actual condition of the instrument is often different from the description.

    If you believe that “you can leave the strings on”, it will be in a condition like this one.

    Thank you very much.

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