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  • Yamaoka Guitars 山岡ギター レスポール 配線直し&セットアップ BELDEN BSW 1180
  • 2024/04/05
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  • ヤマオカギター製レスポールの配線直し・セットアップです。

    お客様持ち込みのベルデン製ヴィンテージ配線に交換。BSW 1180というモデルとの事です。




    This is a rewiring and setup of a Les Paul made by Yamaoka Guitar.

    The wiring was replaced with vintage Belden wiring, model BSW 1180, brought in by the customer.

    There are many kinds of wiring materials, and many of them are very expensive as vintage parts, but in the end, it is important to get the sound you want. In the end, it is important to get the sound you intend.
    The media and the sales side are very business oriented, so it is important to collect information about the vintage parts as they are sold as “vintage = very good”.

    After the wiring was changed, the front sounded mild and the rear sounded bright.

    Thank you very much.

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