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  • コンポーネントギター ストラトキャスター セットアップ&ポット交換 Musikraft MJT
  • 2024/05/05
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  • コンポーネントブランドのネックがミュージクラフト・ボディがMJTの組み合わせストラトキャスターです。







    This is a component brand combination Stratocaster with a Musiccraft neck and MJT body.

    It was purchased used, and when we checked it out, the truss rod was not working well, and when we adjusted it, we found that the truss rod was at its limit and slightly warped in forward direction.
    All pots have been replaced due to galling. The wiring is messy.
    The installation does not seem to have been done that carefully.

    It is used, so the previous owner may have built it in with amateur work, or he may have given it away knowing that the truss rod was not working well and was at its limit, etc., although there is nothing wrong with it as far as playing is concerned.

    When adjusted, the sound is good, and the neck is thick, so the sound is not biased, only the sound is very good.

    I have touched the same kind of expensive Fender Custom Shop Atari in the past, so if you think about the production cost, this combination may be helpful because it is very cost-effective than buying the original one.

    I’m sorry about the condition of it because it sounds so good, but it would be nice if it could be reversed warped and fixed by loosening the strings dully and leaving it humidified.

    Thank you very much.

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