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  • バッカス ストラトキャスター セットアップ&ナット溝切り調整&ペグ交換 ローステッドメイプルネック
  • 2024/04/17
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  • バッカス製ストラトキャスターのナット溝切り調整・ペグ交換・セットアップです。ローステッドメイプルのモデルです。






    This is a Bacchus Stratocaster with nut groove cut adjustment, peg replacement and setup.

    This model was introduced on Youtube. It is a very good guitar for a new price of 20,000 yen.

    The sound when the pegs are replaced and the nut groove is cut is shown on Youtube, which you may find interesting.

    The sound is good and the condition is good, but you may be concerned about the high nut height and the fret side, which are common in the low price range.
    However, I think this is a model that can be improved if it is fixed afterwards.

    It is easy to play and has a good sound. I recommend this guitar as a good model in the low price range because it has no strange habits.

    Thank you very much.

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