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  • バルトリーニ XTCT MCT375 アウトボードエフェクター DCジャック交換&LED交換&フットスイッチ交換
  • 2024/03/19
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  • ベースの内臓プリアンプをエフェクターケースに内臓してエフェクター化したバルトリーニXTCT+MCT375、アウトボードエフェクターのDCジャック交換・LED交換・フットスイッチ交換です。






    This is a DC jack replacement, LED replacement, and footswitch replacement for a Bartolini XTCT + MCT375, outboard effects pedal, which is an effects pedal with a bass internal preamp built into the effects case.

    It is in a state where the footswitch is not switching properly due to wear and tear, and sometimes no sound is coming out.
    The footswitch is basically a consumable item, and the number of times it can be used is specified by the part, such as “endurance of 100,000 times.
    Sometimes there are people who put their weight on the foot switch and step on it, but I think it will break in a short span of time.

    Also, the LEDs are too bright, so we replaced them with normal ones.
    We can adjust the LEDs with a resistor, but the high luminosity LEDs are very bright and hurt the eyes, so we think it is better to use the regular LEDs.

    The DC jack has a buzzing noise, so we replaced it.

    The internal pre-amp of the bass has a different impression from that of the built-in effects unit.
    Active basses are simply put, basses with built-in effectors, so they are easy or difficult to use depending on the person.
    If you put the removed preamp inside the effector, you can use it in the same way, so it would be good to use the preamp that is “too subtle to use inside the main unit, but not unnecessary” by turning it into an effector.

    Thank you very much.

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