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  • ALLPARTS+Warmoth テレキャスター ナット溝切り調整&フレットすり合わせ&PUザグリ&配線直し Shur S90
  • 2024/03/18
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  • オールパーツ製のネック、ワーモスのボディでお客様の自己流にて組み立てされた状態です。





    フロントにはSuhr S90、リアはダンカンTE-1です。




    All-part neck and Warmoth body, assembled by customer self.

    The sound is clogged and the nut height is high.
    Please note that the component necks sold at Warmoth are not “ready to use without modification”.
    Basically, the necks require nut groove cutting adjustment, fret adjustment, and fret side treatment.

    The body is chambered inside.
    The request is for a P-90 on the front and for it to be in playable condition.

    The pickguard is a MusicLilly pickguard sold on Amazon, and a P-90 is to be added.
    The pickguard itself is already drilled with screws, so I am not sure if the pickguard is drilled in the correct position.

    When we tried to align the pickguard with the control panel, it was still installed misaligned and did not match the position of the control panel.
    The cheap pickguard itself may be out of alignment with Fender’s standard, but the original installation seems to be greatly misaligned.
    The tone pots are not fitting in the existing screw holes because of interference with the counterbore.
    We replaced the tone pot with a smaller pot and installed it.

    Suhr S90 in the front and Duncan TE-1 in the rear.

    The sound is calm and flat. It is easy to use and has no quirks.
    The fronts are not boomy and sound like a full acoustic, giving it an acoustic feel.
    The rear also does not sound painful, but the volume is lower than the front, so the balance is not good.
    This guitar will be used mainly as a front and center guitar.

    It takes a lot of skill to build a component guitar, so it is better to spend a good amount of money and ask a repair store to help you avoid a guitar in bad condition so that you can continue to use it.

    Thank you very much

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