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  • Bacchus Custom Series バッカス GRACE セットアップ Mojotone/PW-HORNET
  • 2024/04/22
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    This is a GRACE setup made by Bacchus.

    It is a low-priced model with an unusual PU on it.

    The PU is a Mojotone PW-HORNET and only the pole piece of the 4th to 6th strings can be adjusted.

    Why this kind of specification? It is a great mystery to me, but I would like to be able to adjust the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings as usual.

    The volume balance of the 1st to 3rd strings is not very good, so it would be good if both pole pieces of the 4th to 6th strings could be adjustable so that there would be a wider tonal range.

    I would like to have adjustable polepieces for all strings. It seems to be original to this model.

    There are models of bare-knuckle PUs, etc., where all the pole pieces can be adjusted, but this is useful in terms of tone because you can change the amount of height raised on the front side and the rear side to soften or harden the sound.

    Thank you very much… ♪

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