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  • CRYBABY ワウペダル Thomas Organ 95-910511 ポット交換&フットスイッチ交換 トゥルーバイパス化
  • 2024/03/21
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  • クライベイビー製トーマスオルガン、95-910511のポット交換・フットスイッチ交換・トゥルーバイパス化になります。






    This is a pot replacement, footswitch replacement, and true bypass conversion of a Crybaby Thomas organ, 95-910511.

    The pot has been replaced and the footswitch has been changed to a true bypass.

    The wah is an effect pedal that moves a pot to apply an effect, so if it is used frequently, it will wear out.
    The sound quality can be changed by changing the resistance value of the pot, so if you are particular about it, we recommend changing the resistance value.

    This model seems to have a different internal specification from the normal Crybaby.

    The sound is light and not deeply effected by the internal parts.

    Thank you very much.

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