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  • FenderJAPAN テレキャスターカスタム 配線直し&セットアップ CuNiFe WIDE RANGE HUMBAUCKER
  • 2024/03/17
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    This is a Fender Japan Telecaster Custom rewired & setup.

    The front end has been replaced with the same wide range humbuckers.
    However, the wiring materials used for the original humbuckers are different from those used for the wide range humbuckers sold in the market.

    We changed the electrical specifications and replaced the parts with new ones and reassembled it.

    The sound is good and easy to get a strong and weak sound. Wide range humbucker is a good quality PU that I recommend, so I don’t understand why this PU is not added to the regular line.
    Wide range humbuckers are easy to understand “good things are minor, good things don’t sell” parts.

    Thank you very much

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