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  • FenderUSA エリッククラプトン ストラトキャスター ポット交換&ジャック交換&セットアップ
  • 2024/05/16
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  • フェンダーUSA製ストラトキャスター、エリッククラプトンモデルのポット交換・ジャック交換・セットアップです。






    This is a Fender USA Stratocaster, Eric Clapton model with pot replacement, jack replacement and setup.

    The pots have some galling.
    Stratocaster guitars are often used with variable volume, so they wear out faster than other guitars.

    The pot screw threads were damaged and the nuts could not be tightened.
    The build quality seems to have gotten rougher over the years.

    The jack also had some buzzing, so we replaced it.

    Guitars with active circuits like this are prone to problems because the internal wiring is messed up in the initial state.
    The circuit board is sold separately, but it may have been damaged due to poor installation, so you may want to replace all the parts with new ones or do normal Stratocaster wiring (passive, etc.) if you have any problems.
    We cannot guarantee the active circuit model here either, so as long as the manufacturer’s manufacturing accuracy is not good, the user must have that understanding.

    Thank you very much.

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