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  • FenderUSA 60年代テレキャスター セットアップ
  • 2024/05/14
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  • フェンダーUSA製60年代製テレキャスターのセットアップです。






    This is a Fender USA 60’s Telecaster setup.

    Made in ’68, bridge has been changed and octave is not correct.

    I have adjusted the slightly forward warp. It is in relatively good condition for a vintage item.

    Please be careful when you buy a vintage instrument, and be sure to check if the condition is decent enough to play. Please make sure to check if it is in decent playable condition.

    If there are no details and you think “It’s a good one! Worth it! but most of them are in poor condition because they are old.
    If you don’t check the condition of the item before you buy it, you will be treated as if the item is old and you don’t know why you didn’t buy it when you point out the problem later. If you point out the defect later, you will be treated as “It’s just an old instrument, why didn’t you buy it knowingly?
    It may be difficult to buy a vintage instrument if you don’t have a good eye for vintage instruments.

    Thank you very much.

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