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  • FenderUSA American Performer Jazzmaster 3-Color Sunburst セットアップ
  • 2024/03/05
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  • フェンダーUSA製ジャズマスターのセットアップです。







    This is a Fender USA Jazzmaster setup.

    It is an individual parallel import at new purchase. This Jazzmaster has a synchronized tremolo unlike the regular bridge.
    Other than that, this model has lost the preset switch.

    The truss rod is already at the limit after adjusting the forward warp.

    This kind of pattern is very common, so you should not buy a Jazzmaster unless you can check it when you buy it.
    This case is not at all unusual. We have seen this kind of situation in many of our past blogs.
    So, you need to keep the strings loose and check the usage rate of the truss rod before you buy, or you will end up buying a guitar with a short lifespan.

    It is also evidence that the inspection is not done well, and you should not buy from a store that cannot talk to you in detail about this area.

    The guitar is playable, but if it warps in the future, it cannot be fixed, so of course, loosen the strings and keep it in storage.

    Thank you very much.

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