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  • FERNADES FR-75 セレクター交換&ジャック交換&セットアップ Suhr aldrich
  • 2024/05/01
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  • フェルナンデス製FR-75のセレクター交換・ジャック交換・セットアップです。








    This is a Fernandez FR-75 selector replacement, jack replacement and setup.

    The customer modified the electrical parts and parts are damaged.

    We replaced the selector because it was broken, replaced the rear PU with a Suhr Aldrich, and replaced the jack because it was worn out.

    The sound is very 80’s, and the distorted sound is like going through a 5150 amp.

    The truss rod has no room, and after adjustment, the truss rod is at the limit.
    It is in poor condition with some sound blockage.

    Among the older domestic Fernandez products, many of them were inaccurate, and many of them had a clogged sound from the beginning, even if they were new.

    When you get a used one, you should consider that it is basically in bad condition.

    Thank you very much.

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