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  • FERNANDES FR-55 セットアップ
  • 2024/03/03
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  • フェルナンデス製FR-55のセットアップです。





    This is a Fernandez FR-55 setup.

    It is in bad condition and hard to play with high string height.

    In the old days, there were some good Japanese-made instruments, but there were also a lot of bad ones.
    The old saying “at least 50,000 yen” is an easy to understand figure: if you don’t pay that much, many of them are in poor condition even if they are new.
    However, you should be careful because some of them are sold in a clogged condition even if they are brand new.

    After warp adjustment and shimming, it became easier to play as a whole, but the low frets are not in good condition, and there are some stuck notes.
    I honestly do not recommend purchasing this guitar, especially since many of the low-priced ones from the 90’s are clogged with sound.

    Thank you very much.

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