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  • FERNANDES Zo-3 ナット取り付け&セットアップ 左利き
  • 2024/03/29
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  • フェルナンデス製Zo-3左利き用のナット取り付け・セットアップです。







    This is a Fernandez Zo-3 left handed nut installation and setup.

    The nut has been removed from the head.

    The nut is not glued well because of the force exerted on it by the shape of the head, so if it is not glued well, it will come off.
    However, since the nut is a consumable item, it is basically correct to “glue the nut to the extent that it is easy to remove”.
    It is wrong if the nut is glued to the extent that it cannot be easily removed even though it is a consumable item.

    The nut has probably been replaced by an amateur, and that is why it is not attached properly, so it can be removed and the size is not correct at all.
    I think the guitar was given away because he mistakenly thought that all nuts are the same size, which is common, and replaced it by himself.

    The customer did not want to spend a lot of money on this guitar for fun, so we put a piece of paper between the bottom of the nut and adjusted the height.
    This is not a good idea, but if this is what the customer wanted because he did not want to spend a lot of money, it is the only way to deal with it.

    The truss rod is now at the limit.
    The risk is great because you can’t check the condition of the used goods on Yahoo Auctions and Mercari, so even if the description says it is in good shape, it is a “subjective” story that can be passed off as anything after the fact, so be careful.

    Thank you very much

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