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  • Gibson フライングV PU交換&セットアップ セイモアダンカンSEYMOUR DUNCAN SPH90-1 Phat Cat
  • 2024/05/08
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    PU replacement and setup for a Gibson Flying V.

    The front PU was replaced with a Fat Cat, which was brought in as a replacement.
    I don’t know if it is the same for Flying V or not, but I recommend to use a PU with short legs because of the shallow counterbore.
    The Fat Cat has short PU legs, so it fits well with the thin body. The original 57Classic is floored, so there is a limit to how low it can be lowered.

    It has a nice front sound with good fatness and not painful high frequencies.

    Gibson’s P-94 and other PUs are also famous, but it is really a mystery why good ones don’t sell.
    When choosing parts, please choose parts that are not famous and not used very often.
    The famous places are usually stellar.

    Thank you very much… ♪

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