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  • Gibson 50周年記念モデル フライングV ナット交換
  • 2024/04/15
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  • ギブソン製50周年記念モデル、フライングVのナット交換です。






    This is a nut replacement for a Gibson 50th Anniversary model Flying V.

    The open strings are clogged due to wear and tear.

    By replacing the nut, we were able to finish it up without any problems.

    The front PU has a shallow counterbore, so the height of the PU cannot be lowered, and the PU tilts at an angle.

    The rear PU has been replaced with a Fat Cat, and the sound is very crisp.
    Surprisingly, I think that Gibson fits better with a PU that is not made by Gibson. If you think that the sound is too fat or not crisp enough, it would be better to replace the PU.
    I think Gibson has a tendency to sound fat from the start, so a PU with a fat boomy feel often becomes unbalanced.

    Thank you very much.

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