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  • Gibson Robot Guitar SG 配線チェック
  • 2024/05/17
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  • ギブソン製SGの配線チェックです。







    This is a wiring check of a Gibson SG.

    It is a model with auto tuner called “Robot Guitar”.

    It was brought in because the sound was getting quieter.

    The wiring seems to be OK, but there are some scuffs in various places, so we used a cleaning agent to fix them.
    The guitar itself is fine, but the shielded cable used seems to be the problem.

    The pegs are battery operated and the batteries do not seem to last that long.
    I tend to think that I can turn the pegs by hand when the battery runs out, but they move slowly when turned, and there are pegs that cannot be wound by hand because they seem to have a snag.

    I understood that when they break, they are replaced with ordinary pegs.
    I think the pegs look convenient but are quite inconvenient.

    Thank you very much.

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