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  • Ibanez FR1620 フレットすり合わせ&配線直し&ナット溝切り調整
  • 2024/05/09
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  • アイバニーズ製FR1620のフレットすり合わせ・配線直し・ナット溝切り調整です。






    This is an Ibanez FR1620 fret grind, rewire, and nut groove cut adjustment.

    The fretboard is worn out and the nut height is high.
    It is difficult to play due to heavy wear and tear.

    One of the front PUs is broken and the power is always single, and the other PUs have no sound due to broken wiring.

    At the customer’s request, the front PU was wired as single, and other electrical parts were replaced with new ones.

    The frets were adjusted and the high nut groove was re-cut to make it easier to play.

    Thank you very much!

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