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  • Ibanez Iceman PU位置修正&セットアップ
  • 2024/04/21
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  • アイバニーズ製アイスマンのPU位置修正・セットアップです。






    This is a PU position correction and setup for an Ibanez Iceman.

    This time, the client was quite nervous, but he asked us to fix a misaligned rear PU installation.

    To be honest, it is not uncommon to find a misalignment in this area, even in expensive models from well-known manufacturers.

    It is not uncommon for even the most expensive models to have some misalignment, especially if they are low-priced, but it is at a level where it is not a problem in actual use.
    There are rare models where the bridge is misaligned and the octave position is not correct, but I have seen a 700,000 to 800,000 yen new model from the original G Custom Shop that was sold with the wrong bridge position and the octave adjustment was not correct. I was able to understand how the level of inspection on the sales side was not good enough.

    I fixed the PU position, but upon closer inspection, the bridge position also seems to be a little off.
    There is no problem in adjusting it, and it is not at a level where I feel any difficulty in playing it, so it is best not to worry about such a small point.
    In a world where even famous and expensive brands can be sold new in very bad condition, this seems like a small thing.

    Thank you very much.

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