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  • Kiesel オーダーメイドギター 配線直し&セットアップ
  • 2024/04/19
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  • キーセル製オーダーメイドギターの配線直し・セットアップです。







    This is a rewiring and setup of a custom made guitar by Keysel.

    The guitar was purchased new and just arrived, but the internal wiring is messy, and the internal wiring is already broken and in a position where there is no sound + the selector is not working properly even though it is brand new.
    When we checked the inside, we found that the selector was installed backwards, so the rear sounded in the front position, etc.

    It is unthinkable because the manufacturer used to be quite good.
    There are many manufacturers whose quality deteriorates as they become popular and well-known, and Keysel was no exception.

    At the customer’s request, we added a mini-switch, and with the same wiring as another guitar he brought in, we added a front + rear tap sound like a Telecaster when the switch is turned on (function to mix the front sound with the signal and tap the rear with the mini-switch). Blender + coil tap wiring switch.

    It is quite accurate and easy to play. The manufacturing precision has not been compromised, but it seems likely that they are understaffed or that the wiring and other finishing touches are left to inexperienced people.

    In the past, the quality of this manufacturer was very good, and I have recommended them on Youtube, but things seem to have changed in recent years.
    Please keep up to date with the latest information and check back daily.
    When I send out information, I am not responsible for whether the information will always be the same, so please always keep your antennae up for updates.

    Thank you very much.

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