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  • MD-MM Produce MD-Premier MD-G7 / Plus ナット溝切り調整&セットアップ
  • 2024/04/14
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  • MD-MM Produce、MD-Premier MD-G7Plusのナット溝切り調整・セットアップです。







    This is a nut groove adjustment and setup for MD-MM Produce and MD-Premier MD-G7Plus.

    The nut height is high and the low position is difficult to play.

    The truss rod was almost at its limit.
    The truss rod was almost at its limit after adjustment.

    Since recent woods are soft and weak, they warp a lot when the strings are stretched, so many new guitars are sold with the truss rod in a very effective condition.
    After completion, the neck will be warped by the tension of the strings, and the truss rod will have almost no room to spare when the neck is straightened.

    The seller knows this and sells the guitar without saying anything, so if you don’t keep the strings loose, you will have to replace the guitar after a few years because the neck will warp too much and it will be difficult to play.
    If you buy a guitar that does not have enough room for the truss rod at the start, the adjustment range for future warping will be limited, which means that the life of the guitar will be short.

    Before you buy, have the shopkeeper check the amount of truss rod left over “from the state of being properly adjusted” and buy one with a lot of truss rod left over.
    Do not buy from a store that does not do this.

    Thank you very much.

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