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  • Nash Guitar テレキャスター ナット交換&セットアップ
  • 2024/06/10
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  • ナッシュ製テレキャスターのナット交換・セットアップです。





    This is a nut replacement and setup for a Nash Telecaster.

    The used Telecaster has a straight nut groove, but the bottom of the nut is curved.
    The nut is under a heavy load from the tension of the strings, so if a nut with a curved bottom is attached to a straight groove, it will bend, resulting in the 3rd and 4th strings dropping, so I think this is a major influence.

    Also, the truss rod was at its limit after adjustment.
    Even if it says, “There is plenty of room on the truss rod!” is meaningless without confirmation, and the exact question is “How much truss rod is left from the correctly adjusted position? The exact question is “How much is the truss rod excess from the correctly adjusted position?
    Many places will not carelessly indicate the amount of truss rod excess from a properly adjusted position, so the indicated amount of excess cannot be relied upon.
    It is meaningless unless you let them check the amount on the spot or after adjustment.

    It is a good piece with a dry, taut sound and a vintage feel.

    Thank you very much.

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