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  • Paul Reed Smith McCarty ナット溝切り調整&セットアップ
  • 2024/04/25
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  • PRS製マッカーティのナット溝切り調整・セットアップです。






    This is a PRS McCarty nut groove cut adjustment and setup.

    It is set up in drop C with 10-52 strings.
    The nut seems to have been changed, and it looks like the nut from another guitar is still attached as it is.

    The electrical system has been replaced, the PU has been changed, and the front volume is not right, but it was put on hold this time.

    Down-tuning requires the use of thicker strings.
    The tension is reduced, so the thickness of the strings must compensate for this.
    To do this, the groove in the nut must be widened and adjusted, which maintains tension and gives a pitchful sound even when down-tuned.

    Low string tension makes it easier to pull the strings when they are pressed, and when the strings are pressed, they easily rise in pitch, resulting in a dirty sound.
    It is also more difficult to play, so use thicker strings and adjust the nut groove when down tuning.

    Thank you very much.

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