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  • SCHECTER USA SD-II-22 配線直し&セットアップ
  • 2024/03/26
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  • シェクターUSA製SD-2-22の配線直し・セットアップです。








    This is a Schecter USA SD-2-22 rewired and setup.

    Tone is not working and string height is high due to forward warping.

    We replaced the volume with a lighter one at the customer’s request.

    The tone is a rare pot breakage, but this is an unusual failure example of a pot where the pot case (outside of the part) is not grounded down.
    It is common to solder a ground wire to the back or side of the pot, but the pot itself was not falling to ground.
    You may not understand the meaning of the word alone, but this kind of trouble occurs because “the ground wire is not soldered to the ground”.

    What kind of contents were in the original state, the original was coated with noise treatment paint, but the ground wire was not taken and just covered with aluminum tape.
    As you can see from the blog and Youtube, if the pot is loose and not secured properly, it can cause problems such as poor current flow.
    In this case, the pot case was not grounded for unknown reasons, and one of the capacitors was not grounded, so the tone was not working.
    By adding a ground wire and grounding the parts properly, there was no problem.

    The sound is soft and not hard for a modern type.

    The truss rod was at the limit after adjustment. Even on the higher end of the price range, if the strings are left taut, they will continue to warp and the amount of excess rod will become less and less.
    People often ask me, “Do you loosen the strings even on a Floyd Rose? I would like to ask the person who asks this question, but it is just because it is a hassle, isn’t it?
    It is better to loosen them. Some people put a piece of wood between the strings and loosen them with the arm down, but in this case, the spring will be stretched.
    In this case, the spring will be stretched.

    Thank you very much.

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