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  • Seed SG 配線直し
  • 2024/04/18
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  • シード製SGの配線直しです。







    This is a rewiring of a Seed SG.

    They said it was purchased new, but the wiring is wrong and the controls are not correct. The volume does not work and the sound is cut off.

    The overall wiring is not correct, so we re-soldered the entire unit and fixed the wrong wiring to get it back to normal.

    The volume does not work because there is just a mistake in the wiring, so we fixed the wiring and the volume now works.

    I believe what the customer told me, but if this is a new purchase, it would be unusual not to know this on inspection, wouldn’t it? I think it is unusual that this is not detected in the inspection if it is a new purchase.
    I believe that there may be some manufacturing errors because of the low price range, but the sales side should have inspected the product and returned it for repair, etc.
    I feel uncomfortable that both the manufacturer and the retailer are passing the product on to the customer.

    I wish more people in the musical instrument industry would think about the people who buy their instruments and do work that they can be proud of.
    This industry is no different from big motors, and I don’t think this environment will improve unless someone exposes it and makes it a problem.

    Thank you very much.

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