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  • sepia Crue EAB-430 ナット交換
  • 2024/04/11
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  • セピアキュア製EAB-430のナット交換です。






    This is a nut replacement for EAB-430 made by Sepia Cure.

    The nut was cracked and had to be replaced.
    The customer agreed to replace the nut with a Tusk XL, which is a different size from the one he had on hand, but we decided to focus on speed this time.

    The truss rod is at the limit from the beginning, and the strings are high due to the top float, but the warp is still at a level where it can be played well.

    If the bass has been used for a long time, it can’t be helped, but the neck will surely lose its tension and warp in order.
    The body also has the tension of the bass, so the top will surely float, and the string height will also become higher.

    To avoid this, the strings must be kept loose.
    I don’t think acoustic basses last long in that sense, so I think storage will be very nerve-wracking.

    Thank you very much.

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