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  • T’s Guitars オーダーメイド 5弦ベース セットアップ&ジャック交換
  • 2024/05/06
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  • ティーズギター製オーダーメイド5弦ベースのセットアップ・ジャック交換です。






    This is a setup and jack replacement for a custom made 5 string bass by Tee’s Guitars.

    The bass has a very large forward bow and cannot be played properly.
    The tension of the strings on a bass guitar is very high, especially the 5th string, so it is not recommended to leave the strings on.
    If the strings are too tight, they will warp forward when the strings are tensioned, and the truss rod will have to be used a lot just for adjustment.

    After adjustment, the truss rod has reached its limit.
    The truss rod is still new, made in about 2020.
    Since the cost of materials started rising around the start of the Corona, the strength of the instrument has dropped at an unusual level from around 2020 to recent years.
    The quality of the wood may be judged to be unusually poor in the 20 year range.
    Baca repairmen still say things like, “You can leave the strings on,” so be careful.
    Do not ask a repairman who says such a thing without hesitation.

    The jack has a gurgling problem, so we replaced it with a new one and there is no problem now.

    Thank you very much.

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