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  • YAMAHA FG-180 フレットすり合わせ&ナット溝切り調整
  • 2024/05/15
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  • ヤマハ製FG-180のフレットすり合わせ・ナット溝切り調整です。







    This is a Yamaha FG-180 fret grind and nut groove cut adjustment.

    It is an old model, but the frets had been replaced in the past, and the condition seemed to have improved.

    We were able to finish the guitar by matching the frets and cutting the high nut to make it easier to play.

    The Yamaha FG series has a lot of good sound quality at a low price point, but the ones you can find used in recent years are all in poor condition, so you would be lucky to get a very usable one.

    The basic condition of the FG series is at the limit of the truss rod, and most of them are not usable because of the large forward warp, top lift, and high string height.

    In this sense, it is valuable to have them in usable condition.
    In the old days, many of the low-priced ones were priced at several tens of thousands of yen, which is about the same as today’s 200,000-300,000 yen.

    Thank you very much.

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