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  • YAMAHA LL6 セットアップ
  • 2024/03/12
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  • ヤマハ製LL6のセットアップです。






    This is a Yamaha LL6 setup.

    It is hard to play due to the large forward bow.

    The truss rod is at the limit after adjustment, and the guitar is slightly warped.
    Unlike electric guitars, acoustic guitars use thicker strings, so if the strings are left taut, the strings will bow forward and the top wood will float, making the string height higher.

    The wood of electric guitars has become softer in recent years, so if you don’t loosen the strings when not in use, you will simply shorten the life of the guitar.

    The sound is good and does not seem to be in the low price range.
    Yamaha has many acoustic guitars with good sound quality even in the low price range, and many of them can be recommended to others for tens of thousands of yen, making them a good purchase.
    Especially, due to the structure of acoustic guitars, it is better to think of them as completely consumable instruments, as both the neck and body can be ruined by the strong string tension.
    Therefore, Yamaha is a very good place to buy a good instrument at such a low price range.
    I used to use a Yamaha acoustic guitar for recording and other purposes for about 30,000 yen.

    Thank you very much.

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