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  • Black Smoker Guitar ストラトキャスター TRAD MASTER SERIES ポット交換&ジャック交換&セットアップ
  • 2024/03/27
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  • ブラックスモーカー製ストラトキャスター、TRAD MASTERのポット交換・ジャック交換・セットアップです。








    This is a pot replacement, jack replacement and setup for a Black Smoker Stratocaster, TRAD MASTER.

    The volume pot is light and needs to be replaced. Probably, the contact cleaner was used to make the pot lighter.

    The electrical parts have been replaced with a pickguard, and the soldering was done by an amateur.
    If the original parts are good, the used parts may have been replaced with new parts.

    The pots are 500k ohm and there are signs that they have been replaced.
    The jack was loose, so it was replaced, and the tone was a little stiff, so I used a cleaning agent to clean it up.

    The neck material seems to be rosewood, and the sound is soft and comfortable to the ear with no painful high frequencies.
    The sound is very good, especially the wound strings do not glare.
    Stratocaster’s sound is not so good because it tends to be painful in the high frequency range, the sound is thin, and the wound strings sound too loud and jerky.
    It is difficult to make a guitar sound good and eliminate only the parts that are painful to the ear by just narrowing down the tone. Using wood with a calm sound is a good idea, but if this effect is too strong, the sound will tend to be muffled.

    I adjusted the high string height to make the guitar easy to play.

    Blacksmoker is a brand that I recommend, so please check them out.

    Thank you very much.

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