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  • Fullertone STROKE 60 Rusted Fiesta Red ストラトキャスター フレットすり合わせ
  • 2024/03/11
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  • フラートーン製ストラトキャスターのフレットすり合わせです。







    This is a fret grinder for a Fullerton Stratocaster.

    The frets are clogged due to wear and tear.

    Also, the string height adjustment was done by inserting a piece of paper between the 6 string saddle’s imo screws because they are stuck due to rust and cannot be adjusted. This one needs to be replaced.

    The phase of the rear PU seems to be reversed due to amateur modification, and the halftone with the center is not correct.

    We were able to finish it up without any problem in playing by aligning them.

    Many used instruments have rattles in various parts, and the seller is often an amateur and does not provide detailed information.
    If you don’t think about fixing all the problems, you may end up with a guitar that is not in good shape.

    Thank you very much.

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