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  • Gibson ES-335 フレットすり合わせ
  • 2024/03/13
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  • ギブソン製ES-335のフレットすり合わせです。






    This is a Gibson ES-335 fret grinder.

    The fret condition is poor due to wear and tear, making it difficult to use.

    Many people may not mind using the guitar in this condition, but if there is a clogged fret, the guitar will not sound properly in some positions, and the resonance of chords will deteriorate.
    The clogged fretboard is like a muted sound, and in the case of guitars, people around you will notice it.

    The frets have been worn out and the guitar is now in good condition.

    The frets, especially on Gibson guitars, are often poorly finished and trapezoidal on the top surface, so rounding them off nicely will improve the pitch feel very much.
    To be honest, the original condition is not good, so it is definitely better to use a new one with the top surface of the frets nicely rounded by rubbing it together.

    Thank you very much

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