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  • Pakar FLY フレット接着&フレットすり合わせ
  • 2024/04/08
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    This is a Parker fly fret glued & fret grated.

    Overall, there is some fret lift, and most of the frets are fretted by hand.

    The Parker has no fret grooves, and only the fret grooves are glued on the fretboard.
    Of course, the glue is not perfect. It is not a lifetime guarantee, but it has a limited life span.
    It is possible for the adhesive to peel off due to some reason, and this structure itself will cause problems in the future.
    Therefore, there is no problem in thinking that “buying a Parker-made product = buying a product that has a problem.
    Some music shops refuse to deal with Parker-made instruments.

    The fret float was fixed by re-gluing and fret matching.
    We do not offer any warranty. Even if there is a problem after the work is done, we will charge you again to deal with it, even if the work has just been done.
    You should understand that the guitar has such an unbelievable structure.

    Also, when I checked that there was no sound, I found that the jack was disconnected, so I fixed it.
    The piezo may be malfunctioning, and there are signs of amateur work, and since it has been badly tampered with, the piezo itself is damaged, plus the original wiring condition is unknown, so it cannot be fixed.

    If you buy a used one and it has been tampered with badly, important parts may be broken.
    Parker cannot replace the PU, so if it is broken badly, it will be in a helpless state, so please be careful.
    If the PU is broken, it may be possible to take out the PU and make it into an escutcheon, but why it is made in this way is a mystery.

    Thank you very much.

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